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Any Like Jesus?

Have you seen anyone like Jesus?

Who interrupted a funeral procession.

Wiped away the tears of a hopeless widow,

Raising her dead son back to life.

He turned a funeral into celebration,

Broke the grip of death and pains.

Have you seen anyone like Jesus?

Who multiplied five loaves and two fish.

Feeding five thousand men,

Besides women and children.

Who saw they were tired and hungry,

Wandering like sheep without shepherds,

Gave them rest, and had compassion on them.

Have you seen anyone like Jesus?

Who was strolling upon the sea of Galilee,

Ready to pass by the man made boat,

Enjoying the breeze of the eventide.

Even though it was boisterous and tempestuous,

Everyone was frightened but not Him,

For He made the wind and the waves.

Have you seen anyone like Jesus?

Who touched a leper with compassion

He whom no one would dare to touch

For the fear of being unclean.

Yet Jesus touched regardless.

Setting a new order, embracing an outcast.

Giving meaning to his life.

Have you seen anyone like Jesus?

Who like a sheep was led to the slaughter,

Laid down His life for you and me!

And rose again from the dead for our

Liberty and justification. Alas!

Death could keep Him back, it is not His match.

He is Resurrection.

Life emanates from Him.

The Son of God without a doubt.

The Lord and Saviour. Master of the universe!


Have you seen anyone like Him?

I bet you haven't!