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The Willingness Of Jesus

A leper came and worshipped Jesus saying....'If you are willing you can make me clean' Jesus said....."I am willing be cleansed".

Matthew 8vs 2-3.

Maybe you are wondering if Jesus would heal you just like that, the above bible verses are to show and let you know that Jesus is really willing to heal you just like that! Though you are a muslim, it does not stop Him. 

Being a muslim is not a barrier, it is not an issue with Jesus at all! I want you, to see Jesus past being a prophet and a man. Like the leper, acknowledge Him because He has what it takes to heal you just like that! Beloved, you have nothing to lose. All Jesus wants from you is to believe and know that He wants you well and heal you just like that!

Whatever the ailment, whatever the disease, whatever the sickness......Jesus will make you well!

Many people came to Jesus of Nazareth, who heal, forgive and make alive. All who came to Him were not turned away, all received of His abundance of love. All did have a supernatural encounter with Him, all returned with smiles on their faces. Jesus Christ of Nazareth is the Healer of all time.



There Is Healing In 

The Name Of Jesus Christ.

No infirmity is incurable. At the Name of Jesus sickness and disease bow. You need not cope with the pains, Jesus died to give you good health..... 

It is not the WILL of God that you should be bed ridden or to be an invalid , it does not please God that you are in pains, God wants you well! 

 Book of Acts10 vs 38...How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power: who went about doing good, and healing all that were oppressed of the devil for God was with Him. 

Jesus Died, Jesus Rose And Jesus Is Alive! 

He is Alive forever more! The resurrection of Jesus Christ is a phenomenal, this historic event has changed millions of lives and has given them hope that is everlasting.

An assurance no other religion has given to those who believe on them.

If you would believe today in the risen Lord and Saviour of the world, your life will never remain the same again. I came to believe on His name, His person and His love at the age of nineteen and I am yet to regret the decision. Jesus is trust worthy, Jesus loves you!!!


Many miracles did Jesus do, and you are welcome to experience this love, the power of Jesus through healing.

Experiencing the love of God Almighty is a common place in Christianity, it is like breathing to us. Every one who has come to Jesus is a recipient of the Father's love through Jesus Christ the Saviour. This love is being lavished on us unconditionally and it is matchless in every way! However this love is also for you too.

I know Muslims believe that Jesus healed when he was here on earth but my question now is do you know He is still healing today?   If you knew this and believe it, you are really very close to bagging yourself a miracle........ Jesus wants you well!


The reality of God the Father can be seen all over even though many deny His existence. Nothing can make the Father God reality go away .. Psalm 24 vs 1 says" the earth is The Lord and the fullness thereof; the world and those who dwell therein".

Bottom line you are the one that will leave the world and where will you go? 

God the Father owns the world remember the earth is the Lord's. The Father is here and always has been, but you have a time here even eternity is also the Father's terrain. 

You have nothing, you came here naked and with nothing and so shall you return; naked and with nothing. I ask again where will you go? It is a futile effort to strive with your Maker, Who gave you life and now offering you eternal life through Jesus Christ His Son. 

Believe it or not acknowledging the Father's love through Jesus as Lord is something you will do whether alive or dead. You can not wish Jesus away, nothing can and nothing will! He died for you and He paid the penalty for your sins....

Jesus loves you. 

Islam teaches muslims to work and please the allah. It also teaches you to strive for your acceptance with Him. 

It is however sad to know that despite the hard work to gain favour with the allah and to also be in His good book , muslims are never sure of their stand with him. 

I know the quran says you should as muslim strive to meet your allah but I want you to know that God Almighty,  whose name is JEHOVAH in the bible came down to meet you and I in the Person of Jesus Christ to give us acceptance with Him through the death and the resurrection of Jesus. 

                            Is God willing to heal?

Jesus said in the gospel of John 10 vs 10 that the thief does not come except to steal, kill and destroy. But I(Jesus) am come that you may have life and that you have it more abundantly......

Sickness and diseases are killers and they do not come from God. God does not make people sick nor does He punish anyone with sickness and diseases. It is not in the nature of God to make people suffer in pains, for the bible makes me understand that God sent His Word to heal and deliver from destruction Psalm 107 vs 20. Sickness is a form of destruction, many have died of one sickness or the other and these are people you know, in fact loved ones and sometimes, this leave you wondering if God is good at all, if so why did He allow such to happen? why did He take your loved ones? Hear this God Almighty did not take your loved ones!

When Jesus said that the thief comes to kill, steal and destroy, He was talking about the devil. The work of the devil is to make people suffer by oppressing them with all sorts of heartaches. The devil enjoys making people cry, keeping them oppressed and depressed. In the book of Acts 10 vs 38 the bible says that...... How God anointed Jesus Christ of Nazareth with Holy Ghost and with power who went about doing good and healing those who are oppressed of the devil for God was with Him; which mean that God Almighty delights in healing people and making them well! The person of God is about life and joy, unspeakable joy that is full of glory.

I know as Muslim you are not taught of the willingness of God Almighty to heal, but He has sent me to tell you that He wants you WELL!!! The miracle of healing is a beautiful thing, God Almighty is more than willing to heal you of any kind of sickness or disease if you will believe that He REALLY wants you well. My bible tells me that God Almighty is Love 1 John 4 vs 8, one of the description of love in book of 1 Corinthians 13vs 5 is that love thinks no evil and you will agree with me that sickness and diseases are evil. This is the equation if God Almighty is Love and love thinks no evil therefore sickness and diseases can not come from Him.