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             Does God Care At All?

Gospel of John 10 vs 10........ Jesus said "Thief does not come except to steal, to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may HAVE LIFE AND HAVE IT ABUNDANTLY"

If God does not care, then who does? Who do you really think cares about you? The government? Your family? Your friends? Your spouse? Your children? The doctors? The people with whom you socialize or The people with whom you share the same ideology?

I am hundred percent sure you believe someone in one of these categories, really cares about you and that the person will do anything for you, and that I believe is very, very, true.

However, you will agree with me that the person cares to an extent, cares to a limit, the person cares as much as the person has capacity to, because the person is human, only God cares without limit, He has limiltless capacity to care for you. His love for you is eternal, He is not human.

People are not suppose to take the place of God in our lives, people are suppose to be channels through which God reaches us to show He cares. You have been sick and very weak for some time and some years now. You have done all that you know to do. You have been to places, sought advices, spent and still spending a lot to get well; Yet nothing has worked.

I feel your pains, I can imagine your frustrations; which is why I know you are in doubt of the love of God to you and for you. And you wonder if He ever does care.

You are not in the wrong to think that way, but it is dangerous to remain in such thinking, doubting and questioning the goodness of God to you.

God does care! He cares so much that He made provision for our healing and for our health. He so much cares that He sent His Son Jesus to die and to bear your pains and afflictions. Believe me, that sickness in your body had been borne by Jesus and the pains you bear, Jesus took it on Himself.

But then I know as a muslim you can not make sense of this truth, Islam taught you not to believe it. Yet it is a very realistic truth, which will take the help of God Himself for you to accept, and I pray that you come to the understanding of this truth, it is very important.

From the moment you believe that Jesus took your sickness and disease, something happens the miracles begins. So, does God care?

Yes! Because Jesus died of the pains and the afflictions to His soul for you. Does God really, really care? Yes! because He (God Almighty) raised Jesus from the dead, as a proof or receipt that your sufferings were being taken care of. Is that true? Yes! It is true.

But then, you may be thinking so how come people still get sick and diseased and tormented in pains. Yes, that is true! Why?

It is because you, like many muslims and many other people do not believe in the person of Jesus as the Son of the Living God, let alone believing that Jesus actually died to destroy sin, and the sins of the world.

It is very absurd to your mind but then whether you deem it absurd or not, this truth can not be wished away.


In the death and the resurrection of Jesus Christ the Son of God lie the power that destroyed sicknesses and diseases, that plague people from time to time.

And as soon as you or anyone believe that Jesus took care of sicknesses and diseases, the miracle begins. You begin to see that God cares.

And as soon as you start to experience the love of God, you will also discover, that it is not His will for you to be sick in anyway shape or form. Not His Will at all for you! Amen.