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They did not forget, that

He said He would rise again

Among themselves, they remembered

And they, refused to take chances.

And so they requested for guards

They stationed outside His tomb

A maximum security, should

The scoundrel be stolen,

To present a make believe.

Even though the earth shook

And the curtains of the

Temple rent into two

It did not strike a thing,

In their dark and gruesome hearts!

The Holy of the Holiest

Has been made accessible

Yet, Annas the High priest

Did not perceive....

He had lost his job.

A new era, has come,

A new trend is slowly going viral.

Yet! the Levites,

Could not understand the signs.

There was a physical earthquake;

Such that quaked the temple,

To the depths of its foundation,

and seeming to have spread to

The very ends of the earth.

The secret place, has become exposed

And now, everyone can behold

God's Holy haven, God's secret place.

In fact, darkness covered the land,

Because of He who claimed to be “I AM”

And still, they could not,


God is no longer exclusive,

The Father is now all inclusive

Yahweh is now God and Father

To all and for all, but really unseemly

The irreversible has occurred

Out of jealousy, the custodians

Of the Law, helped ended

The reign of the Law.....

Materialising the very plan of God.

Ushering in the reign of Grace

For all they care, the egocentric guy,

The maniac, brother of Beelzebub

Has been eradicated.....Away with Him!

A very well planned radiance.

It was a gallant accomplishment.

And sooner, yes! Sooner!

They thought, as they grinned

His effect on the people,

Would wear off,

Die out, and soon....

Be forgotten!!!

Sooner as they thought, the cities

Will return to normalcy

Jerusalem, Judea, Capernaum, Galilee

And all the rest will be normal again.

No more will the sabbath be defiled

Nor yet again, would there be held

Another mega miracle and healing crusade.

And of a truth, it was quiet.

Very quiet, Dead silent.

The news was everywhere.....

Jesus the Nazarene has died.

The shores of the lake of Galilee

Was bare, the boats were empty,

The multitudes had dispersed.

The rabbi was indeed gone.....

To be continued

Ronke Onishile

He did rise again.... Happy Easter