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       If I Were You, 

I Will Give Him A ​Chance.

I experienced the expertise of doctors recently and I must commend that it was remarkable, outstanding and fascinating. The doctors’ passion for my well being amazed me that I wondered if I really knew the depth of how much God wants you and I to be well within and without. If men, made by God would do whatever it takes to see sick people get well, it should interest us to know how much God wants you and I to stay well! Hence the question is, did God do anything to see to it that you and I stay well? If He did, what has He done in regards to our well being?

 I really want you to know that man can not beat God to anything, nothing at all! He is the author of life hence no one can fix up lives like He does. If like me you have experienced the wonders of medical science but then your case is still not resolved, I implore you to give God a chance. If doctors relentlessly fight sickness and diseases from taking people lives, what do you think that God would have done? Everything? Yes! He would do everything and He has done everything!

 God through Jesus Christ defeated sickness and diseases 2000 years ago when Jesus was nailed to the cross. Jesus hung whatever sickness or disease it may be that you are battling with on the cross. The death of Jesus on the cross brought an end to sickness and disease. As He was hanging on the cross, in the gospel of john 19 vs 30 before died, He said “it is finished”.

To what is it finished? You may ask, I say to you, our struggles, our pains, our fears and finished to every thing contrary to the will of God for your life and my life. I know you will be thinking if that be true, how come people still get sick? Why are hundreds of lives being claimed by diseases daily around the world? Why this? Why that? Why? Why? Why? My friend the reason for the ’whys’ vary from person to person and perhaps you are physically challenged now, you alone will know why, you alone can tell why and sometimes you do not even know why at all. 

   I can not tell you why, but this I can tell you that God is not the author of sickness and diseases, God does not kill and He takes no pleasure in your afflictions. There is only one being that Jesus mentioned is a killer, a thief and a destroyer, the devil in the gospel of John 10 vs 10

So, instead of you and I deliberating on why, let us deliberate on what can be done and how. So this is what I propose, seek Jesus, get the bible and read about the miracles He did and, faith will arise in you to ask him to help you. Do not be shocked when you get healed, because Jesus will always answer whosoever calls on Him for help. You will not be an exception, in His precious name.(Amen)