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                          Is It Impossible?

Really and truly....

Honestly and importantly,

Jesus is not of this world.

Believe it or not, it is true

It is only a matter of time

Before you come to concur

I only pray it will not be late.

Jesus had to come into this world

For your sake and for my sake

He came from above, He is heavenly

Jesus became a Man empowered by

The Holy Spirit....the Spirit of God.

He stepped out of being God

He stripped Himself of His glory

His majesty, His royalty.

To save you and I from sin

Jesus was, before the world is

He came, lived as man to show us

The possibility of living

The life of God as human beings.

He became a full fledge man

Blood running in His veins

Flesh covering His bones.

He dined and wined with the

Rich and the poor alike

Found friends and made friends

Among people like you and I

Jesus really loves humanity,

All of us without exception

Should Jesus be fully God on

Earth no mortal could have

Been able to lay a finger

On Him, let alone slap Him

Across His face. No wonder,

No wonder He said in the

Gospel John 18 vs 36...... 

“My kingdom is not of this world.

If My kingdom were of this world,

My servants would fight,

so that I should not be

delivered to the Jews;

but now My kingdom is not from here.”

Is it impossible, that

He is truly the Son of God?

Is it impossible, that

He really died with all

Our sins laid upon Him?

For the Father made this Jesus

who knew no sin to be sin

For you and I, so that you and I

Might become the righteousness of

The Father in Jesus Christ.

2 Corinthians 5:20-21

He was the ransom for us all.

Jesus died, yes! But He

Jesus did not die as God

He could not have, as God it will

Never happen, God can not die!

Jesus put aside His Divinity

To became one of humanity,

He is immortal but He wrapped up

Himself in mortality

The Eternal Spirit

Became flesh and blood. 

He became Man!!!

Alas! God can not die, never!

For God is a Spirit

That was why the Son of God

Became flesh and dwelt among men

He became one like men to make men

Just like God and one with God.

Is it still impossible?

Greater love has no one than this,

than to lay down one’s life

for his friends..... John 15:12-14