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It Happened...4

The Sabbath was observed,​

And not defiled.

His disciples in hiding,

And no miracle crusades.

The reality was setting in,

Perhaps, He is really gone indeed.

Some could not accept his demise,

Some contend to challenge the facts.

In their minds they struggled,

With much intensity they grappled,

As they staggered at His Word....

“On the third day I will rise again”.

The reality stared at them,

Facts poked at them,

Feelings rise as tide vehemently,

His Word seemed to be fading away....

Friday was gone!

Saturday passed as normal!

What hope is there in Sunday?

They lingered in the shadows of the past,

Clenched tightly, to memories of Him they have.

The hope in Sunday is thin and flimsy

But then, He said “He will rise again!”

Like a child lost in the midst of

Unfamiliar crowd, the disciples wept and cried.

Holding on to each other

Hugging one another

Embracing, like as though

They were about to part ways.

The disciples sought solace

Among themselves.......

Wiping away each other's tears

Wondering what really is next.

The women could not stay away

The were restless and sleepless

They prepared an ointment

It has been three days already.

Sunday is here, it has come!

Mary of Magdala led the few, to the tomb

Bearing with them the ointment

They are allowed, according to traditions.

And even if it was the last sneak and peek

The women, yearned to see Him again.

The rabbi had to be preserved

The master had to be fresh

They wanted Him to be the same

Even in death, He should look,

Like He is asleep. They could not let go.

Closer to the tomb as they get

The thought of the stone

Bugged their minds, the stone

At the entrance of His tomb.

But the closer to tomb they get

The clearer they saw....

The stone has been rolled away!

A miracle has occurred,

Their prayer was answered!

Mary rushed to the entrance

The others did in like manner

But! He whom they came for,

Is no where to be found.

Their hearts skipped a beat

They robbed their eyes

Where have they laid Him?

Who took our Lord?

Their heart raced, their faces red

The thought hurt and

The tears began to stream again.

What more do they want?

The haters are at it again.

Where now, have they laid Him?

Amid their confusion,

A young man watching them

Told them the One they seek is risen

The women did not even realise

The tomb was not just empty,

But was also unguarded....

“He is risen”... He told them,

According to His Word.

Responding to what they heard

The three women took to their heels

Raced like Olympians without stopping

To where the disciples were hiding.

A mixture of joy and life returned

A blend of strength and courage arose

Within the beings of the bearers of the news.

They banged on the door, swing wide to go in

As they proclaimed to Peter and the rest

He is risen! He is risen!! He is risen!!!

Jesus the Nazarene is Alive!!!

Ronke Onishile..........

I believe you all had

a very wonderful Easter!