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It Was Silent.....2

They were Power drunk,

But then, there was, a Power shift.

The allegation was that

He blasphemed, He made Himself

Equal with God, equal with YAHWEH!

He was thirty and three years,

And His history they know,

Like the back of their hands.

A nobody! A commoner!

The Son of a carpenter!

And what if, He was anointed!

Such effrontery, disgusting,

Avid of a show....

Who does he think, He is?

"Before your father Abraham was, I AM"?

Blasphemy! Blasphemy! They shrieked.

It reiterated in their subconscious

It fuelled their rage

And powered their whims and craftiness

It gave momentum to their quest

Unleashing unimaginable hatred.

Jesus had to die! die! die! die!

The echo sounded beyond

Their beings, piercing through

The ethers of the universe

Creations went silent!

Something was about to happen.

His blood dripped and dropped

The earth soaked and cleansed.

Yes! God was crucified!

Naked! Beaten! Scourged! And wounded!!!

Drenched in His own blood

He was made to drag logs of wood

Fashioned into a cross

Disfigured beyond recognition,

He dragged the cross all the way.

God, was trodden, and, He was

without an iota of shame, hate

Nor any evil schemes on His mind.

Like a common thief He was disdained.

Like a wanted criminal He was Hung.

Blood shot eyes, screeched

And scratched voices

Pangs like thunder bolts

Hit heads and hearts

As that Man from Galilee

Gave up the ghost!

At last! Phew! Victory!

He is dead! We can rest!

They sighed! they rejoiced!

What they didn't know

Lies ahead.....

Far into a realm beyond them.

An emergence of a new beginning.....

To be continued
Ronke Onishile
Happy Easter to you all.