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                      Just A Chat

If you would talk to Jesus

Be sure you are going to get

A response.

I am telling you the truth.

I am not asking you to play

A mind game with yourself

I am simply asking that you

A have a chat with Him.

Sit somewhere, anywhere; be it

On your bed and chat away

Like you would with a real

Close friend of yours.

Tell Him about yourself

Tell Him about issues

Weighing you down

Tell Him about things 

Things that excite you

Things you cannot share

With any one..... Jesus cares!

Jesus listens! Jesus talks back!

Jesus does not frighten

He will not scare you

His presence brings peace

His appearance is favour!

Jesus is more than happy 

To chat with you

He wants me to let you know

He is waiting to have a chat with you!

He is waiting on you.

Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!

Precious Jesus!

There is not a friend Like Him.

He is not dead even though He

He died, remember He rose again.

Jesus lives, you will live too!

Ronke Onishile.........