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                       Just Like That! 


What do you think it will cost Jesus to heal and make you whole? The idea of you thinking that Jesus might need you to do something other than believing He has the power to Heal you will only be hindering you. 

Jesus is not healing people because He has been given the power to heal but because He has the power to heal, to save and to deliver. 

Those who recognised Him like the leper in the book of Matthew 8vs2-3 approached Him with the understanding of who He is.

 The leper acknowledged Him, worshipped Him and guess what? He got what he wanted. The leper got his healing.

Many people during the days of Jesus saw him as a man and a prophet like every Muslim does, but all those who saw Him beyond a man and a prophet got much more than they bargained for.

 Let me ask you, what will it cost you to give Jesus a try? Would you rather wallow in pains than ask Him for help? If Jesus was just a man could He still be healing today? Is it not according to Islamic beliefs that Isa is just waiting to return to fulfil His days, get married, have children and then die. There is no record in islam that Isa should supposedly be healing anyone while waiting to return. Think about this, if Isa was Jesus then there is something missing somewhere.......

Jesus is alive, doing wonders, working miracles and healing millions around the world. Should you be thinking that every healing taking place today has something to do with devil, then you have no idea of who the devil is. The devil does not heal, cannot heal and will not heal anybody. He does not want you well. Act 10 vs 38 says ” How God anointed Jesus Christ of Nazareth, with the Holy Ghost and with power; Who went about doing good and healing those who are OPPRESSED by the devil for God was with Him.” I say it again the devil does not want you well, he enjoys oppressing people and tormenting them with pains. He delights in it.

Jesus came that you might have Life and life to the fullest the book of John 10 vs 10. Every one who saw Jesus beyond a man and a prophet experienced divinity in action. You have nothing to lose, absolutely nothing! Jesus is the Son of God and it the simplest honest truth; and because He is the Son of God, He will heal you Just like that! I only urge that you believe in Him, I only ask that you give Him a try, I only request that you see Him past a man and a prophet because I know that He will not fail you if you did.... Jesus wants you well!!