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Let Faith Arise In You

You have faith in you, no matter what you believe, the Almighty God gave faith to each and every one of us. You and I have the ability to trust God. If it was that faith is an outside force to man, those who have received of the goodness of God without really knowing, serving or worshiping Him would not have been able to get Him to do something for them. Some men do not know and acknowledge God but when some of them hear that God can sort them out in some situations, faith arises in them to try God, an example is the story of a nobleman in the gospel of John 5vs46-54 who came to Jesus for healing.

The healing was not for him but his son even though this man came because he heard about Jesus, Jesus obliged him. Where came the faith? It has always been in the man, and the news of what Jesus was doing propelled him to come seeking Jesus to heal his son. Faith does not come from nothing, it builds up through the hearing of God’s word or the testimonies of what God has done and is doing. The more of God’s word a man hears the more faith builds up strongly in the man. Faith is of God just like God gave every man breath of life which is of Him so also has He given every man faith.

When it comes to receiving things from God, faith is the hand needed to take whatever it is. No man lacks faith, you can not lack what you have. You have faith, it is in you. God gave it to you. You might not use your faith but you are not without faith. Faith is very simple, you work it when you exercise it appropriately. When you exercise your faith, what you are doing is that you are simply trusting God. What is faith? Faith is the assurance of the reality of a thing through God. Which is to say that whatever you want God to do for you, faith is the reality of the thing. Simply put: when faith is present the thing has happened. See a woman came to Jesus for her daughter’s healing in the book of Mark 9vs 25-29, the woman was called the Canaanite woman.

This woman refused to take no for an answer from both Jesus and His disciples. Her faith was so unwavering that even Jesus commended her faith. The fact is as long she could see Jesus her case was settled. Besides, the news of Jesus’ miracles had reached her therefore she came with only one mind to receive healing for her daughter. Jesus referred to her faith as great faith. She was an unbeliever, not an Israelite yet she did not allow her status to determine her result rather her faith did; even Jesus was impressed. Faith has no boundary, it will work anywhere, anytime, any day and for anyone. Let your faith work for you today!