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Let Go..... 

And Embrace The Help Of Jesus!

Curiosity births discoveries. Whenever you are wondering and pondering on something, you most times discover answers in relation to that which yo​u are thinking upon. If you are a Muslim and you have been coming on this site, it shows you are curious to know more of something you do not know before, or that you want to know more on something you are not clear about.

However, you remind me of this ruler by the name Nicodemus that came to visit or should I say seek out Jesus one night. Gospel of John 3 from verse 1.

Nicodemus was one of the teachers of the law, a ruler in Israel and as a ruler and teacher in Israel , he obviously have some knowledge of God and His works . Howbeit, Nicodemus seemed to be clueless as to how God was operating in and through the life of Jesus. 

He observed Jesus revealed God from another dimension entirely, a dimension he could not understand the dimension of grace. This dimension was amazing in his sight, Nicodemus was blown away and out of curiosity and the longing to know more of who Jesus is and how he could so delectably display the power of God in such a gracious manner like He did, Nicodemus came to find Jesus by night. Nicodemus knew about the might of God, law and all about the fulfilment of the law in ones strength and righteousness. All these stem out of religion but Jesus was not talking religion, He was not battering sinners instead He was loving sinners and making friends with them.

According to the law, sinners pay the price for their misconducts whereas when Jesus came on the scene it was about pardon for the sinners. He preached the grace and the mercy of God toward everyone who will simply believe, and how this grace is not restricted to certain people but accessible to everyone. And I see that you are one like Nicodemus, wanting to know more about the reality of the power of God and the amazing grace of God. And in the name of Jesus you will be enlightened. Just like Nicodemus Jesus will address your curiosity. Yes! Jesus will attend to you like He attended to Nicodemus that night, I know He will attend to you too. He will satisfy your curiosity. Jesus loves to and Jesus wants you to know that. He is no respecter of persons, Jesus loves you. 

It is in the person and the nature of Jesus to help the helpless and the clueless. He wants you to have the understanding of Him and His willingness to assist you to access and enjoy all that He died for on your behalf; Muslim or non Muslim. Healing is one of the benefits of His death and if will you believe this truth that Jesus did pay the price for your healing you will receive your healing.

Everyone who came to Jesus received His assistance and you will not be an exception if you will believe. You too can receive of the fullness of His grace, if you will step out of religion into a relationship with Him.

Jesus is not about dos and don'ts, He is not about works of religion. He is about the grace, the mercy and the love of His Father to you and all of humanity. Always remember that healing came by grace and grace is only found in Jesus.

Therefore, for whatever sickness or disease that you need healing for, grace has made it available through Jesus Christ of Nazareth the Son of God. The only criteria is that you believe and you will receive. There is this story of a man whose son was epileptic, in the gospel of Mark 9 vs 14-27.

The man brought his epileptic son to the disciples of Jesus to heal him but the disciples could not heal the boy. After a while Jesus came around and the man went to Him and told Jesus how His disciples could not heal his epileptic son. Jesus however, asked that the boy be brought to Him and He healed the boy. However, before Jesus healed the boy, the boy’s father had expressed his doubts but Jesus seeing this, told him to believe. Jesus told him all things are possible to him who believes. The man said I believe, please help my unbelief!

The man was struggling to believe, Jesus knew this and saw it and He helped him. Why? The man tried, he tried to stay believing against the obvious, the situation and the circumstance. One thing I want you to see is that Jesus helped the man to stay believing. Jesus healed his epileptic son. And this same Jesus is available to help you too today!

Only believe.  

Nicodemus found Jesus and the discussion that ensu​ed between them went from “I think I know God to you must be sure you know God”! Let go.