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               More Than A Prophet.. Jesus The Son Of God

A mere man you said?

A mere prophet?

Have you checked out His profile?

Have you looked at His works?

Does any of these strike you as mere?

Which part of His life looks mere to you?

The words that He spoke?

Or The life that He lived?

Which? Portrays mere....

His birth, if nothing else is

The only of its kind.

I am trying to understand you

He is immortal, He is eternal

Can't you see....?

What about Him is ordinary in your eyes?

No prophet that lived and now dead or 

Not even dead as islam claims

Engages with the living.

Only Jesus does because He is more than a prophet

None of the renowned prophets

Claimed to be anything but prophets

Jesus claimed to be more than a prophet

He said in the gospel of John 6 vs 36.....

“But God has set Me apart for Himself.

He sent Me into the world.

Then how can you say that

I am speaking against God because I said,

‘I am the Son of God’?”

Jesus said HE IS THE SON OF GOD.

And you think it's a lie!

You can not claim what you are not

Not when it carried a death penalty.

Jesus, He is unbeatable, He is supernatural

At the face of death by crucifixion

Jesus maintained His ground.

When Pilate asked Him.....

“Are you the Son of God”

Jesus replied.....” You said it”

Pilate could not kill Him but for the Jews

And you say....,

You say, He is not the Son of God

You say He did not die,

Yet history has it that He died.

Don't you ever forget that!

He is mere you said?

Tell me, what is it in

The Person of Jesus that makes

Him an ordinary person to you?

I bet you can not mention a thing!

' For God so loved the world that 

He gave His only begotten Son,

that whoever believes in Him should not

 perish but have everlasting life'.

Gospel of John 3vs16

Ronke Onishile.........