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Power Of Believing 2

Do you know why as Christians we believe in God for who He is? The stories in the bible tell us of His person and His nature. In the bible it is plainly written of how God showed and proved His love and faithfulness to mankind. Every healing, every miracle and every help that Jesus did and rendered to the people in his days were to show the children of Israel how much God loved them and wanted them to be prosperous, spirit, soul and body. Every act of love that Jesus demonstrated, He did based on God’s instructions to Him,

Book of John 5:30……..” I can of Myself do nothing. As I hear, I judge; and My judgment is righteous, because I do not seek My own will but the will of the Father who sent Me”.  

God loves mankind and His love for mankind is still the same.

Do you know that God really loves you? That He cares about you? He wants to help you and show you how much you mean to Him? You are very precious to God and the heart of God beats for you. Oh! How God loves you so much! Very much! You are made in His image and likeness and I tell you what, you have the abilities of God inside of you. You have the ability to believe God for a miracle, for a healing, for sound health and in fact for divine health. God has provided for you everything you in life through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ His Son.

Believe God, when you do, the impossible becomes possible. In fact, Jesus told a man that brought his son to Him for healing to simply believe. This man’s son suffered from epilepsy and when He told Jesus of much the boy had suffered and, for how long the suffering has been going on, Jesus told him to believe; because all things are possible to him who believes Book of Mark 9:23……. Jesus said to him, “If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes.” You too can believe today. You can trust in this sayings of Jesus. If you can believe nothing will be in possible for you to do. So then, how do you believe? How can you tell that you believe?

When Jairus, the father of a twelve years old girl came to Jesus, beseeching Jesus to follow him to his house to lay hands on his dying daughter, Jesus arose to follow him. As Jesus was going in the way another woman intercepted His journey to this man’s house. The woman had touched Jesus’ garment and got healed but Jesus perceived power left Him and stopped to find out who it was that drew power out of Him. Whilst this woman told Jesus about her illness and how touching Him by faith got her healed, men from Jairus’ house came with news that his daughter had died. 

Immediately, they broke this news to Jairus, right in front of Jesus, the bible says in

Mark 5:36……As soon as Jesus heard the word that was spoken, He said to the ruler of the synagogue, “Do not be afraid; only believe.”

 Why did Jesus say that to him? Why? I will tell you why. Jesus wanted him not to lose focus. Jesus wanted him to keep holding on to the vision he had of Him going home with him to lay hands on sick his daughter, Jesus wanted him not to lose hope because as long as Jairus still hold on to these picture in his mind, fear won’t be able to paralyse him, discourage him, dissuade him or cause him to lose hope.  

The words of Jesus to Jairus encouraged him and helped him to hope and to keep his hope alive. Jesus went with him to his house after the woman left him and went her way, laid hands on his daughter and because Jairus kept believing, his daughter lived. My friend you will know, you believe, when you are persuaded, when you know that you are able to achieve the impossible. You will know, you believe, when all you see is victory and nothing else. You will know, you believe, when you acknowledge God as the ultimate over any situation. You will know you believe, when you have no plan B beside God, His power, His word. You will know you believe, when you have made up your mind to only seek help from God. To believe my friend is to stand resolute.

So then, how do you believe? In Christianity one enabled his or her ability to believe, by reflecting on the goodness of God, meditating on the acts of God, the miracles and the wonders of God. In Christianity, we meditate on the scriptures. We speak the words from the bible over and over again until we are convinced that nothing can dissuade us or make us believe otherwise. We affirm, as Christians that whatever the bible says is true, and this is because the word of God works always. 

I have experienced the working power of the word of God written in the bible, and you know what? I see results. If you will find time to read the bible, you will discover wonderful truths that will help you strengthen your ability to believe. No matter the problem you are facing, your believing in God and his word will help you through the situation.