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                           Some Pictures.

The epitome of God is past finding,

the extent of His greatness You cannot imagine.

God is awe striking, mind blowing,

enchanting His person is intriguing, interesting,

 Quintessential God is boundless, ageless and infinite. 

A Being undeniable with

irrefutable presence

Shrouded in mysteries untold,

dwelling in light unapproachable.

He is tangible and intangible

Visible and invisible

Spoken and unspoken

Heard and unheard of.

He is a blend of rhythm, songs and music

A delight to the soul, a melody to the heart

God is a dance, a laugh, a smile, a rejoicing

And a grand gratitude.

He is pleasure, passion, power

Swirling piquantly in love

Beaming exceedingly unto affection.

What a collection of pictures!

What a reflection of dazzling beauty!

What a Wonder to adore and behold

A blend of all things, a mix of everything.

The I am that I am! 

If as a Muslim you do not see God

Like this nor do you have these pictures.

I present to you some pictures of my God

As etched upon my heart, motioned in my mind

Alive in my being.

He is called the God of all the earth.

Jehovah is His Name.

Ronke Onishile.........