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     Something About Jesus

Without a shadow of any doubt, as muslim, you have learnt one or two if not a hundred things about prophet isa who you believe to be the same as the Jesus Christ of the bible. I know if I were to be seated in front you and asked that you share with me, your understanding of prophet isa, you will reel non stop; simply because you have been told a lot of things about prophet isa; but how about if I asked that you share with me your knowledge of the Jesus of the bible, what you know of Him according to the bible would you be able to share with me anything at all? I choose to be objective.

However, have you for any reason or out of your own volition endeavour to read about Jesus Christ from the bible point of view since you believe as muslim that He is the same one islam refers to as prophet isa? I want to believe you have made an effort. And if you have not try to....

There is something about Jesus Christ of the bible that you will never find with prophet isa of the quran. This something is quite pivotal to the distinction and the affirmation of who a man is in himself in order to project an outlook and a view of him in the minds of the people in his sphere of contact.

Whatever and whosever a man declares himself to be, that form a picture of his person and personality in the minds of people around him. It is a known fact that to ascertain the reality of a person, the person must be an impact and also must be impacted by his or her sphere of contact so one can not deny an association or a connection at any point in the person's life.

Therefore, this something you can never find with prophet isa of the quran but tend to be very prevalent with the Jesus of the bible is what I call PURPOSE.

What is purpose?

In christianity, purpose plays a major role in a christian's relationship with the Almighty God. Jehovah God never walks with any man or woman without a defined given purpose. Purpose is a reason or the reasons a man or woman is in existence, hence the purpose of purpose itself is to be a road map as to how a man or a woman should live out his or her life on earth.

It is an evident fact that purpose is never without relevance. Take for example, men who happen to be created beings of the Almighty God, they do not make or produce anything without a purpose. Cars serve a purpose, education serve a purpose, shoes serve a purpose. Take a good look around and point to one thing men have made or deviced, that is without a purpose, absolutely nothing.  

Likewise it will be rather inconsistent with the nature of Almighty God, to send some person who has been represented from two different perspectives, to not have any kind of unison in words and in deeds and above all, this one and supposed same person has no coherent identity in history and in the now as based on these two perspectives.

Almighty God can not and will not create anything without a purpose let alone send someone into the world with an ambiguous and controversial existence. It is written in the bible that Jehovah God, the Almighty, is not an author of confusion. 

I know in islam you have some stories in the quran that are documented events of the bible. What I intend to bring to your notice in regards to these stories/events is the fact that the major characters of these events were people who the bible documented that they walked with the Almighty God, because of His purposes for their lives.

One major example is moses, whose purpose was to deliever the children of isreal from captivity in Egypt. The purpose of moses as the delieverer was clearly spelt out in the book of exodus when he moses, encountered the burning bush and the Almighty God from within the bush spoke to him.

Another person is king david who Almighty God chose to be king over His people, the Israelites. The event of david's becoming a choosen king by Almighty God is found in the book of 1 Samuel, Kings are set up to rule and reign over a people. That is the purpose for kings. 

There is also the little boy Samuel who God raised as a prophet to the Israelites, his event you will find documented in the book of 1 Samuel also. The purpose for prophets is to direct and guide the people in the ways of God. To hear from God on behalf of the people and also to mediate between God and the people.  

Now, isa of the quran whom muslims believe is a messenger, a christ and a prophet of allah came for no conclusive reason or purpose, why did I say that? Isa is yet to come back to fulfil whatever plans the muslims believe allah has for him. Isa's ministry as a prophet seemed to be suspended as allah helped him to escape death from the hands of his enemies so as to send him back a second time to conclude his suspended mission.

However, Jesus of the bible who as Christians we know and believe is more than a prophet and that is the Son of the living God, came to this earth and spoke so much about His purpose for coming into the world and the reason for this purpose of His life, up to the extent of how he was to accomplish this purpose of His life. Jesus Christ however accomplish the purpose for which he came. So, in many ways more than one, the vision and the accomplishments of Jesus of the bible, and isa of the quran tally not at all.