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The Bible

Have you ever read the bible?

Do you know it contains stories

That tell of God's Love for all of humanity?

And this includes you and your loved ones

Jesus loves you..... Has anyone told you that?

I am telling you today that He does

Before you were ever born a muslim,

Jesus gave His life for you

The story of Jesus Christ the Son of God

Is one of such stories of love in the bible

Have you been told not to read the bible?

I tell you in it are truths that make one free

What is the assurance you have that you

Will make heaven?

Are you sure of that place of bliss?

Are your works enough to take you through?

Will you make it? Are you sure?

This one thing I am so sure of that

Jesus can give you an assurance of heaven

Because He died to secure a place for you there

It is not by works when it comes to a place with Jesus

It is by grace, it is by believing......

That He died for your sins

It is by accepting that He is the Son of the Living God!

And all these you can only read in the bible.

 Ronke Onishile.........