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What A Day.....1

It was a day the earth stood still,

That order of things changed,

Some relished in their accomplishment.

It was, a long, awaited moment for all.‚Äč

Evil took a centre stage

Darkness was the only light there was

And nothing! And no one! could wish that

Moment away, far, far away!

It was unusual, the moment was unusual

But the unusual had to happen,

For an unusual to begin.

Evil needed to pride in its triumph.

Death needed to glory in itself.

Hell needed to eternally keep its captives.

They had Him, exactly where they wanted.

He didn't do anything, to all just minds

His punishment was undeserved, His torture

Was arbitrary, His sentence was lawless.

His sufferings did not make any sense.

On all ordinary eyes.....

Pity, helplessness, hopelessness

Decadence and brutality of the human

Minds formed mist of tears like veil

Trembling to drop, forming a stream.

Wailing, weeping, crying and

screams of pain. Gnashing of teeth

Wrenching of hearts filled the atmosphere.

And those who love Him, could do nothing!

What did He do?

What could He have done?

Where is God.....?

What is God.....?

How can God.....?

Open ended questions,

Already answered questions.

Prophecies fulfilment. God masterminded.

Jesus the Nazarene was on trial!

...To be continued

Ronke Onishile....

Happy Good Friday, to you all.