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  Without Charges.....   

 Divine healing is something Jesus specializes in. Healing is one out of His numerous specialties and He does it absolutely right. Jesus is the only one that I know that heals without charges, consultations or appointments. He is the only healer that is with you wherever you maybe, attends to you and display His expertise magnificently. 

He does not come to you with surgical instruments in fact He has no special buildings whereby He treats people. Jesus is every where, He is right where you are. His presence is what does the job, His touch is what makes you whole. Time and time again, people pay large sum of money to get well, in some cases their money did not get them the healing they desire. Many travel far and wide to get well yet their efforts puff away like vapor all futile, all hopeless.  

Do you want to be healed? Come to Jesus. Are you desperately seeking help for healing? Jesus will heal you. It is does not matter that you are a Muslim, Jesus loves you more than you can ever imagine; and on top of this He wants you to be well! The Jehovah God that I serve does not delight in afflicting people, let alone seeing them suffer in pains and looking away. He is not that sort of God. 

Have you ever stopped to think of what He is possibly gaining afflicting anyone? Or are you thinking that He is having a good time seeing you or anyone in pains, crying for help and slipping away by the seconds? I do not know what “God” that is! The one I know, the King of kings and the Lord of lords, the I Am that I Am does not find it delight some making anyone sick! A million times does not!  

The plans of Jehovah God for you is all about goodness through Jesus Christ His Son who gave His life a ransom for you and I, and healing you through Jesus is part of Jehovah's plan. You need not do anything special or anything out of this world to get His attention. All you need do is to believe.....

Yes! Simply believe that Jesus the Son of God can heal you and He will heal you.