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You Say God Is...

Eternity is no split seconds

Eternity is infinite seconds.

As a faithful and ardent

Muslim that you are,

How sure is your eternity?

How great are your good works?

How inconsequential are your bad deeds?

Have you scaled both to know?

What will it be?

Can you stake a claim?

You can not pay for your sins

You do not have what it takes

You were not created to pay

For your sins at all!

It is too great a price to pay

And the good news is,

Jesus already paid for your sins!

Jesus is not going to,

Jesus is not about to,

Jesus has already paid for your sins.

You bearing your sins is because you

You refuse to believe He did

And you have no idea of

How much He has done for you! 

You say God is gracious

You say God is merciful

You say God is kind

You say God is faithful

You say God is trustworthy 

Yet! In the matter of eternity

God is silent.....

In the most important issue of life

God is not clear......

In your best interest

God is elusive.....

If in Islam God said

Jesus did not die,

Then who died?

Who was killed in His stead?

Who was the substitute?

You say the Bible is corrupt

Which part is revealed as corrupt?

Does God not owe it to you

To let you know these truths

Seeing that your eternity

Hangs on every fibre of

These truth....? Remember

You say God is all knowing

Or have you forgotten that God

Is said to have revealed both books

And the major discrepancy in

Both books is centred

Around Jesus, His divinity,

His death, His resurrection? 

Yet God says nothing.....

Where you will spend your eternity

Is the most important thing

You need to know in life.

The foundation of eternity with God

In the bible is hinged on this truth

The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

And most of all the Love Of God. 

Should Jesus not die,

Let alone resurrect,

Every Christian is doomed.

But if Jesus did die

And also resurrect

What happens to you?

Roman: 6 vs 23

For the wages of sin is death,

but the gift of God is eternal life

in Christ Jesus our Lord.

 Ronke Onishile.........